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All natural. Baked. No trans fat per serving. What makes Geraldine's Cheese Straws so bodacious? It's all about the cheese! Look at the ingredient list. Our No. 1 item is cheese. Most cheese snacks have flour as the first ingredient. Geraldine's uses premium quality cheese, lots of it, mixed with other all natural ingredients then baked crisp for a truly bodacious taste sensation. It's the ultimate cheese snack! Make every day bodacious! No preservatives. Some years ago a Southern gentleman, Turner Holmes Cunningham, won the hand of Geraldine of Oaks, North Dakota, and whisked her off to his mini-plantation. Geraldine bore Turner Holmes three sturdy sons and one daughter, Catherine. Turner Holmes prospered and became high school principal, the most scrutinized person in town. One weekend, when Catherine's youth had reached full flower, the elder Cunninghams journeyed to Atlanta. Catherine opened their home to the young ladies and gentlemen of Newnan, where she served her mother's cheese straws made from a secret recipe. The party promptly became the wildest festivity that the fair town had ever witnessed. When the Cunninghams returned, the town was in an uproar over the irreparable damage that had been wreaked upon its youth. How to save the day? Geraldine knew the power of her cheese straws. People have been known to bargain with the devil to get their lips around just one. She baked her delicate fingers to the bone. The children went door-to-door delivering those potent little peace offerings. After a few bites, the townspeople not only forgave the Cunninghams, but found themselves dancing wildly in the town square. So if you want to turn your dignified gathering into a get down bash, serve up Geraldine's bodacious cheese straws.
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